Integrated Enterprise Business Solutions

About Us

IEB Solutions offers a comprehensive array of IT Solutions and Services for medium to large companies in both the private and public sectors.

We also provide Training Solutions on high-end Technologies, Induction Programs, Certifications, Learning Content and Learning Infrastructure with both online and in person delivery models. Our Corporate Learning Solutions are a suite of best-in-class training processes that enable customers to reduce costs, sharpen their business focus and obtain quantifiable results.

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  • Our Vision

    To Be An Independent Provider Of Technical Solutions, That Can Change The World in IT Service Industry!!!

  • To Create Worldwide Customer Delight By Providing The Highest Quality Products And The Most Responsive Customer Support In The World At A Globally Competitive Cost.

  • IEB Solutions is focused on delivering IT Services and IT Solutions to businesses across India and APAC Region. Our experienced team will be able to assist you in creating a practical, sustainable IT infrastructure for your business, from helping to develop your overall IT Strategy down to implementing a network device in your Data Centre.


Message From CEO

Six years ago a vision and dream became a reality. That dream was given a name; not just any name; but a name that exudes ability, encouragement, strength, honour, dignity and most of all integrity! Today many will know that name to be Integrated Enterprise Business Solutions – IEB Solutions.

Since 2015 we have grown from strength to strength due to our ability to provide the solutions for various complex businesses processes as we work on the base of “You think it, we will do it for you”. We always strive to align ourselves with other partners who have the same core ethics and values as we have. The ability to see in others what we see in ourselves has proven to be our success.

When we first started out we knew that our key goals were to provide the complex solutions to clients by the way of complete cycle including Analysis, Study, New Developments and Implementations of the solutions.

We are not only a service provider but a solution provider to our clients that would not only enhance the lives of consumers, but also create a sense of individuality and pride in whom they are, and is a core value that we hold dear to our hearts.

Our need to strive for perfection in how we deliver products and relative solutions; and how we maintain our business core ethics in doing so, has been undertaken right across the board, by all 25+ employees. Most of our employees have individual experience of 15+ years and has been a part of IEB Solutions since inception. This we feel speaks volumes as to how we conduct our business and respect those who are on this journey with us.

At IEB Solutions, we focus on building relationships with all our clients’ on a personal level in order to ensure that they are able to experience the full potential of what our organization have. We strive to personalize how we deliver solution to our clients; because for us it is much more than just becoming a market leader. We see our strength in how others perceive us to be and not how we perceive ourselves.

Our future is limitless and with that said, we know no limits! Growth and success are synonymous, but none of these will matter if we lose our core ethics or integrity along the way. Our focus is placed on growing according to our client’s diverse needs. We want to not only meet these needs but also exceed even the highest of expectations.

What we do know, is that IEB Solutions will not simply be another household solution provider name – it will be a name that will help you to discover your true identity and love the integrity of whom you were made to be.

Life is a precious gift and you are in turn its most valued treasure! This is IEB Solutions.

Shailendra S. Soni



Shailendra S. Soni

Chief Executive Officer

Shailendra Soni is an IT professional having 18+ years of experience in IT Infrastructure Management, Automation Integration and Customized Developments for industries.

Sameer Jamadar

Head – Business Development

Sameer Jamadar is having 22 years of experience with IT, Project Engg & Quality Management and worked with various international & local clients.

Atul K

Head – Projects & Operations (North Region)

Atul Krishandev is an IT professional having 9 years of experience in Application Development, Integration, Information Securities and Project Management.

Imran Mulla

Lead - Web Developement

Imran Mulla is having experience in Web Design and Web Applications Development, Database Designing and application testing based on test cases and test plans.